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Edward C. Varga, PE

Ernest Varga, M.S., P.E., S.E., F-ASCE

    Service in the Armed Forces followed graduation from college with Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering and a short time of design experience with the Illinois State Highway Department. The Army tour included Airborne Infantry training and service in a Signal Construction Battalion, performing and teaching pole line surveying, while stationed in Germany. Initial civilian engineering employment following service in the Army was as a Construction Engineer with Herlihy Mid-Continent Construction Company. Following one year period, was employed as Structural Designer with Pioneer Service and Engineering Company, a consulting engineering firm in Chicago, presently known as Fluor Daniel, Inc. In the next five years was employed by CECO Steel Products Corporation of Chicago as Structural Engineer, with design of a new line of prefabricated buildings as principal responsibility and steel joist and concrete slab design as secondary assignments. That followed graduate work at the University of Illinois in Urbana to earn a Master of Science Degree in Structures, and to completing classroom requirements toward a Ph.D. degree at Illinois Institute of Technology Graduate School in Chicago. A three-year period of employment as Structural Engineer with the Fifth U.S. Army Headquarters at Fort Sheridan, Illinois, followed. In addition to the staff duties, was charged with the enforcement of mandated structural policy and the shepherding of significant projects. Resigned from Government service to form the Consulting Engineering Firm with active engagement in that business for five years. Mr. Varga returned to Department of the Army, Civilian Service, as Chief of Engineering Plans and Services Division in Facilities Engineering Directorate at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. Subsequently he assumed the position of Deputy Director of Facilities Engineering and was promoted to the rank of GS-13 in February 1978. In that position he was awarded Decoration for Meritorious Civilian Service in recognition of managing performance excellence in the area of facilities maintenance and repair. In 1978 Mr. Varga returned to operate the ongoing Consulting Engineering business he started in 1971. Since that time and presently, has been the operating head and sole owner of the firm of Varga and Associates in Richmond, Illinois. Varga & Associates provides Structural, Architectural, Civil and Sanitary Engineering services for design of new construction, revision of existing structures, inspection and investigation services, land subdivision development, and various related services to the government and private sectors. Soils engineering practices include devising foundation designs and consultation for difficult soils conditions. Comprehensive services are also provided in wetland considerations, floodplain construction requirements satisfaction, and storm water runoff management and control. Firm prepares studies, provides design and devised plans for implementing waterway shore improvements related to boating and buffering shore land modifications. Planning services in guiding development projects through myriads of regulations and obtaining approval in the network local, state, and federal agencies review process are directed by Mr. Varga. He also is engaged in Code Compliance project plan review services provided to Building Code Enforcement Departments and assists in the enforcement of the Code provisions. As head of the firm and senior professional, Mr. Varga has guided neophyte engineers in their formative years and has provided on-the-job training. Mr. Varga has also presented seminars on structural inspection and has taught adult education classes in Community Colleges on the subject of residential construction. He has served as an expert Planning and Engineering witness, related to building construction investigations and development disputes. An Environmental Division of Varga and Associates was formed, providing Consulting Services at a satellite office in Woodstock, Illinois. That division was moved to Richmond office and satellite office was closed. Principal area of services provided by Accord Environmental division are Environmental Assessment of Real Estate Property, in all phases. The satellite environmental division provides input and review in planning of projects and also in shepherding and oversight on clean-up and remediation of contaminated facilities. Mr. Varga is a Registered as Professional Engineer licensed to practice in Illinois and Wisconsin and is a Lake County Health Department Licensed Designer. Mr. Varga is registered and licensed Structural Engineer in Illinois. He has actively pursued his continued professional education, including training with the Department of Defense. In the past, he was licensed as Certified Soil Tester in Wisconsin. He is licensed septic system designer for individual onsite systems. He had been certified by the National Academy of Conciliators to hear H.O.W. claim cases relating to residential construction. At the invitation and recommendation of the Structural Certification Board has been elected Board Certified Structural Engineer. Mr. Varga holds membership in numerous professional societies. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Member of the National Society of Professional Engineers,, and Member of Structural Engineers Association of Illinois. He had been a Professional Member of Building Officials Conference of America, professional code administration and enforcement organization, and Member of the American Concrete Institute. In the past, he served as President of the Great Lakes Chapter of the Society of American Military Engineers. Mr. Varga has been elected to membership in Chi Epsilon, the Civil Engineer's honorary fraternity. His community services have been in Rotary Club activities, participating as member and past President of the Rotary Club of Richmond, Illinois.

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